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Recent Amount of Spam on This Site

NOTE: Sorry if this is the wrong board for this type of thread Smile I didn't know where it should go.

So I've noticed that there's been quite a bit of spam lately. Is there any way that we can prevent these spammers from creating threads and spamming up the forums?
I already have hidden captcha fields and security questions. For the most part, I've just been banning them and removing their posts as I see it. I usually log into the forums at least 2-3 times daily and pretty much read everything, so I'm usually not too terribly slow for the cleanup. To some degree, the problem is hard to prevent completely. I have no respect for any webmaster who would turn to spam to promote their websites, however. There are far more ethical ways...

I plan on fully deleting all spammer accounts and changing up the security questions soon. - Our next project...
Glad to hear this Smile I was just getting a feeling that the site would soon be overrun.
Believe me, it's happened before. It seems like the spambots eventually learn how to get in and run the place down. All I usually need to do to fix the issue is tweak some of the security questions and what not, solves the problem every time. - Our next project...
Alright Smile well I hope the problems gets solved!
We got a new spam post this morning from a bot who couldn't even spell "colored" right. That's pretty bad. Tongue - Our next project...
Hehe Smile well generally speaking, spammers probably aren't that intelligent.

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