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The FileCave Blog

I've been doing a lot of filecave development work over the past few days, and plan on spending the next few weeks actively converting all existing code to use the new API, as well as to fully flesh out content types. Once that's completed, the ACP will be completely recoded from scratch and I may be able to rethink an alpha release.

I was going to release an alpha release "before the end" of last July. Yes, even now, it's a year late, but back then I wasn't exactly anticipating Filecave being a full CMS, so a lot has been recoded since then. I'd say a good 70-80% of the code has been replaced or heavily reworked at this point, with the old code still remaining for actual file exchange related functions. That percentage is going to increase significantly in the coming weeks as I finish the basic functionality for content types and convert existing file exchange code to use these content types.

The advantage is that essentially, every piece of content that is managed by filecave will be a node. That allows for a lot more consistency as far as what's supported and what's not. For example, if a user created a plugin for adding tags and sorting content by them, it would be very easy to apply this functionality for all nodes, regardless of whether they are website pages, articles, blog posts, file uploads, or even forum posts. This isn't really anything particularly impressive as many of the leading CMSs take a similar approach, but it's nevertheless a concept I am proud of so far, and I'm looking forward to implementing it and seeing how everything goes.

Anyway, from now on, the majority of the development updates will be posted on the blog. For the weeks where a lot of active development is going on, I'll probably do Sunday or Monday night "weekly updates, " and plan on documenting API changes and progress as often as possible. Let me know what you think and what you want to see!

Click here for the filecave blog

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