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The trend of forums today

I'll be the first to admit that I've probably been on far too many forums. Although I often join to support new communities, I generally don't stay active on the vast majority of them. Most don't even really survive the first year because the administrators give up and delete the forum. Of those that remain, many of them seem to be more about statistics and numbers than about the community atmosphere or the members. I don't particularly enjoy that sort of thing, so I've made a point to get involved in fewer forums for that reason.

Anyone else here made similar observations about the general direction of forums on the internet today? What, in your opinion, would it take to reverse that trend? - Our next project...
I've noticed that some of Simtropolis's administrators care more about things such as statistics rather than their members Smile

I think that if people that actually want to build a nice and welcoming community build forums will reverse said trend Big Grin

For my forum: I intend to keep it up and running for more than one year, and I also intend to cater to the members Smile not going to take a path that Simtropolis seems to be going down.

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