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Design related feedback needed!

So, I was experimenting around with our current default theme (Submatrix v.3) out of boredom earlier, and completely changed the color scheme as an experiment and uploaded it as "Submatrix Red" on the forums for beta purposes. I didn't change much besides the color scheme, but the results are pretty interesting. I personally prefer the new color scheme, and I so far have asked one member here who seems to pretty much agree so far. Now, we need your vote! Tongue

So, between Submatrix v.3 and Submatrix Red, which one do you prefer? (There is a mini theme switcher at the right side of the footer. ) Be sure to submit your vote in the poll!

Saturn-Moon.com - Our next project...
Undecided for now... will test out using the red theme and let you know. Tongue
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
A couple of the members here gave me some much appreciated feedback regarding the header and the double footer. I've updated the Submatrix v.3 theme with a completely redesigned header and a (finally) removed double footer. The theme is otherwise the same, but the look and feel is affected a good bit by the header. Tongue

With the updated theme lineup, I've added all four themes to the poll. What are your thoughts on the submatrix update, as well as the full lineup so far?
Saturn-Moon.com - Our next project...
I definitely like this latest one. Bring on the new header and lack of double footer! Big Grin
[Image: 3GnR8g1.jpg]
I agree with simlink Big Grin I like this theme the best.

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