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Chat Room Host development

So I've had an idea that I've been slowly working on for several months now. A lot of people love Ajax Chat, but many webhost prohibit it from being installed because it is highly server intensive. (Makestation so happens to be hosted on a VPS, so we don't quite have that problem here, but many hosts don't exactly appreciate chat rooms. Tongue )

Anyway, ajax chat is much less server intensive with an ideal, non-apache configuration. I have recently purchased a new VPS to begin development on that front, and plan on using a LEMP based configuration instead of a typical LAMP based configuration. The server itself is already set up, so it's now a matter of a few last minute configuration changes, and then to modify ajax chat to run on a hosted environment.

As far as the progress, most of the work as far as actually parsing out a specific chat has already been completed. The chat installer has been modified to create a new set up tables for each chat, and a bootstrap loader to parse configuration differences is in place. What has been difficult is the URL rewrites. My hope is to avoid URLs such as but to have a cleaner URL such as, but my URL rewriting skills need some refreshing, evidently. Tongue

Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated. Anyone have any suggestions for what they would like to see, or for a domain name?
I've made a ton of progress on the new chat room host. The server setup is complete, the rewrites are in place, and the chat installer/create new chat page is up and running. Of course the parser that actually loads a specific chat from the database is in place as well, so while it may be buggy, it's fully functional. Tongue

I should have a beta up within a couple weeks. Anyone have any suggestions for what they would like to see or questions regarding the service? Also, if you're interested in helping me test the alpha version of the code, shoot me a PM. Big Grin
I've recoded it to be based on a more stable code base. The alpha is ready for testing and several users have created chats already. PM me if you're interested in helping beta test!
I can vouch for this host! Big Grin
Why are you not advertising it ?
It's not officially complete yet. I don't want to advertise it until it's actually stable, since right now there is still going to be a lot of downtime while I get the maintenance and upgrades systems set up.

I'm honestly quite nervous about the idea, but we shall see how it turns out.

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