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Your opinion on vegetarianism

Do you have an opinion on vegetarianism ? Is it your way of life? Could you become vegetarian and eliminate all types of meat from your diet, and what would your reasons be for this: health? concern for the animals that are being killed? Huh
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I completely understand the position of vegetarianism, and there are probably health benefits to it as well. That said, I really love my hamburgers and steaks, and considering I work at a restaurant, it's pretty hard for me to avoid the foods that I serve to guests. Tongue

I haven't personally considered it, but I can see why many people would prefer vegetarianism.

You serve hamburgers at a restaurant? Huh
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(May 7th, 2014 at 3:49 PM)Warwick Wrote: You serve hamburgers at a restaurant? Huh

Although I'm not a vegetarian myself, I understand why many people are go that route. Just like any lifestyle, if it doesn't directly harm me or other people, then I feel obliged to be tolerant of it.
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I see nothing wrong with vegetarianism, as long as they leave me alone, and do not try to force it on me. "You animal killer! You heartless meat eating monster!" ect... They "kill plants" if that is the attitude they want to have. Of course, they could always be mature about it and let me eat meat, like I I eat meat, there is no harm either way.

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