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Aco's NEW Paradox LP's - Main Thread

(Experimenting a little. A second thread will be used for archived LPs 'n stuff.)

Welcome to my Paradox LP thread! In this thread will the current LP that I am doing and its comments will be. A secondary thread will also be used to archive finished/unfinished/abandoned LPs.

Hold on, let me explain.

Paradox games usually refer to the many strategy titles developed by Paradox Development Studio/published by the rather infamous Paradox Interactive (don't get the two confused). These titles include the games in the Europa Universalis series, Hearts of Iron series, and many more.

Paradox LPs are LPs (Let's Plays, also somewhat more commonly known the name After Action Reports (AAR) (LP is more commonly used for video series, at least on YouTube) of PDS's strategy games. My LP's are modeled after the typical SomethingAwful Paradox LP (another board I frequent, I don't post much though.). Some of these take the form of mega-campaigns, which span the length of multiple campaigns within one LP, but I will only definitively do these if I actually finish one campaign. One of most prominent and early examples of one of these is House Hohenzollern Rising by SA'er Wiz (who is also writing one that is at its last part right now). (LPArchive link).
Usually, however, LPs/AARs are restricted to a single game, and even those hardly ever get finished.

So what will I be playing right now?
At the moment I have began taking screenshots for a Victoria II campaign as Plantagenia in the Divergences of Darkness mod. Expect the first update soon (hopefully).

And yes, prepare to be disappointed as I do have a rather bad track record of abandoning these. Just ask some veteran members Tongue.

Plantagenia - Table of Contents
Prologue (below)
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"

The oldest of the North American states, Plantagenia is a moderately sized kingdom in the southeast of Arcadia. Plantagenia was formed in 1771 as a concession to Charles Plantagenet, the loser of the War of Anglo-French Succession.
[Image: 01.png]

The agrarian economy of Platagenia does not allow for much on the budget,
which means most of the budget should be directed toward the administration.
[Image: 02.png]

Plantagenia is ruled as a Parliamentary Monarchy, considered as the middle step between monarchy and democracy.
[Image: 03.png]

On the world stage, Plantagenia is a second class power, sharing this status with the Seven Republics.
[Image: 04.png]

The population of Plantagenia is one of the largest on Arcadia, only second to the population of the Seven Republics.
[Image: 05.png]

Being constantly threatened by the much more powerful Seven Republics to the north, Plantagenia focuses most of its research on the military.
[Image: 06.png]

But not only does this task require keeping the army up to date, it also requires building an actual army. The current army of Plantagenia is rather small for a state of its size and population.
[Image: 07.png]

In Europe, the eight Greater Powers are tasked with maintaining stability of Europe and the world, admittedly however they do not do a very good job of it.

After the war of the Anglo-French succession, the Dual Monarchy was allowed a near century of uneasy peace despite the constant warring in Central Europe.
[Image: 08.png]

Unlike the Dual Monarchy however, Scandinavia entered the 19th century at war. The Scandinavians and Burgundians had attacked the HRE in the disastrous Great German War as a response to Bohemia's attempts to centralize the empire to increase its power in Europe.
[Image: 09.png]

Burgundy, like Scandinavia, had a violent beginning of the century. Anti-tax Revolts in the colonies at led to the establishment of the Seven Republics, who the Burgundians were powerless to quell.
[Image: 10.png]

Bohemia had ended up on the losing side of the Great German War, and as a result, had lost the HRE permanently.
[Image: 11.png]

The Ottoman Empire, crafted by the great Osman himself nearly 700 years ago, was at the verge of collapse following centuries of misfortune.
[Image: 12.png]

Venice, like the other three great powers following it, is little more than a European power now. However, it still holds the colony of Augustinia, which we border to the south.
[Image: 13.png]

At the turn of the century, Spain had lost nearly its entire colonial empire because of ill-fated attempts to tighten its hold on its empire. Now it is, like Venice, little more than a European power.
[Image: 14.png]

The weakest Great Power, Aragon, had a considerable hold on the Mediterranean, and should it lose its status, will be watched very closely by the other European powers.
[Image: 15.png]

The remainder of the 19th century will certainly be an interesting one.

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I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"

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