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What Are Your Offline Hobbies?

We have a thread where everyone admits to how much time they spend online, but what about what we do when we aren't hitting "Stumble" or wandering Reddit?

My hobbies are:

Medieval Reenactment (SCA)
Violin, cello, and voice
Martial Arts

What about all of you? What are you all doing when you aren't staring at the screen?
I enjoy bike riding, guitar, long drives, eating, and the like.

Reading, drawing, watching TV, eating, and... Hmm... I don't have a lot of outdoor activities...
[Image: mrnc7tt5xg8n7y494418.jpg]
Outside activities are worth it, though. Despite how exhausting they can be. The medieval reenacting I do is awesome. Big Grin
Medieval reenacting? Cool stuff!

Indoor wise, I like pc gaming and pcs in general. Outside, I often play (non-serious) games of basketball with friends.
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"
My hobbies include:

Working on cars, eating, working out, mountain bike riding, starting to learn how to play guitar, love listening to music and walking, playing basketball with friends, and lastly I enjoy collecting weapons of all sorts and using them.
Oh you're learning guitar now? Nice! Acoustic or eletric? Big Grin

Electric. I have not yet bought my own, I am just using a friends, but this summer I plan to buy one from Fender.
Sweet. I have a fender strat that I like a lot.

That is exactly the one I was going to get. I want it in burnt orange.
I have an Ibanez acoustic guitar that I am particularly fond of. Though I have more violins than guitars.

And yes! I do medieval reenacting. I'm currently working on getting siege engines on the property sometime in the near future.
Violins? Cool!

Mid-evil reenactions sound pretty cool.
Where do you get the costumes for the medieval re-enactment? And how do you play it?
[Image: mrnc7tt5xg8n7y494418.jpg]
Warwick --

I actually have to make or purchase them from people in the group. They're on Etsy, too, if you look. As far as how you do it... you research, really, and you learn. I've been learning thrown weapons (currently working on axes), fencing, crafting of various types (soap, dyes, chain maille, etc.) and learning the history.

In addition to that there are events. Like ren fairs. Large wars, small scale skirmishes, feasts, dances, craft events... There are a whole lot of activities you can be part of. Smile
Kung-fu, game console collecting, electronics modding, reading... a lot, Karaoke, and taking pretty girls out on dates, you know, the usual lol.
mine are mostly Digital reality + JFK
Sports (Soccer, Football)
Video Games
Books (Historical, Alternate History)
Politics (Libertarian)

That's about it I think.
Did you ever play sports at any point? i played soccer as a kid. Big Grin

(May 24th, 2017 at 12:55 AM)Hans Squeaky Wrote: Did you ever play sports at any point? i played soccer as a kid. Big Grin

Played baseball and basketball competitively growing up. Only played football as pickup games with family and friends.

I currently play soccer with a local rec team. I'm just the goalkeeper, so not sure if that counts. Tongue

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