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The Moderns

The Moderns are those who live by the principles of constant discovery. They believe that there is no such thing as any principle becoming fully refined, but believe in the constant process of changing and improving through trial and error to improve human well being. They are very liberal and progressive, but often change too much and suffer considerably from goal displacement. Arguably, their constant polls and media attraction, as well as marketplace and betting brings some excitement into this group as well.

The moderns run regular polls that can make policy changes and their wiki is changed frequently. Anyone is welcome to create polls, but policy changes can be made with a 66% majority vote, and vetoed by the president if they are at 75% majority or less. Needless to say, this group is a bit restless at times. Tongue

Core Problem in Humanity: Human greed
Solution: There is no final solution. Change will only bring us closer in the end.
End goal: To weed out human greed and to create a progressive, perfect, society.
Discovery: Heavily endorsed, almost to the point of endorsing conspiracy.

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The Ancients

The ancients are those who live by the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" rule. The ancients believe in democratic processes for making decisions, but feel that the most logical way of thinking will lead to agreements on all major principles. Thus, the ancients are relatively in agreement regarding major policies and views, although they disagree about details.

The ancients maintain a "wall of fame" containing the most creative works, relics, and values published to date. Admittance is difficult to achieve, as an 80% majority vote is required for admittance, or 75% with endorsement from the president himself. Once admitted, a work is rarely removed, as it requires 90% majority, or 80% with endorsement of the president, to remove. The wall of fame is the primary production product of this political party, but the wiki contains a significant amount of information as well.

Core Problem in Humanity: lack of intelligence
Solution: the test of time will refine human intelligence better than any other method
End goal: to improve human intelligence and to weed out that which does not line up.
Discovery: Not particularly endorsed without significant evidence or interesting material.

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