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The Great Rivalry - Ancients vs. Moderns

Makestation Roleplay divides participants into two political parties, diametrically opposed, but with equally challenging and pressing ideology and philosophy. (Technically, there's a third political party, but its existence is very mysterious and unknown. More on that will be revealed, or discovered, later. ) These two parties have very different explanations for various pressing issues, and of course there are many possible outcomes. However, the final results are determined by none other than popular vote, and polls will regularly be posted by various members in this board.

Of course these teams, doctrines, ideologies, and more will be revised over time. Each party will have a leader or set of leaders, and a constitution, as well as a private discussion board for its members. Of course these principles will be expanded upon over time, but for now, here are the underlying concepts.

The Setting

The moderns and the ancients have never really been able to get along. In the past, disagreements were heated and no organized representation existed. However, in recent times, people have come together to represent their ideologies. Of course, this representation was a slow developmental process, but the formation of two main political parties was the end result. The ancients and moderns, of course, agree on nothing but the fact that loyalty should be demanded from their members, or they could be voted out for poor representation.

Parties carry out various debates and missions, and of course poor representation of the party's code can cause members of those parties to be evicted. In the end, those most loyal to the party generally get promoted to leadership positions within the party. Those who aren't so loyal get kicked out of the party.

The Moderns
The moderns believe that ancient principles, while valuable, are outdated and no longer applicable to today's universe. The moderns have very liberal views in general, and favor complicated policies, overarching social programs, and of course, change. The moderns are seen as very liberal and progressive, and suffer from goal displacement, but are also considered to be more exciting and dramatic. The full fact sheet for the Moderns can be found here.

The Ancients

The ancients, by contrast, live by the "if it ain't broken, don't fix it" rule. You may assume that this sounds boring, but the ancients feel that time is the best refining tool that society has in place to date, and that standards that have stood the test of time should not be allowed to change in the order of protecting society. Not surprisingly, the ancients also spend a great deal of time sorting through old material, and deciding what content belongs in the grand hall of fame. Admittance to the wall of fame is a difficult achievement to make, but once something is admitted, it is rarely removed. The full fact sheet for the Ancients can be found here.

In order for this to be enjoyable, participation from the community is obviously a must. Group leaders will be decided soon, and I will post a thread where these groups will be fully established. For now, however, go ahead and join a group in your profile, and you will have access to the private discussion board for your group.

Once you have joined a group, you will be able to create a character in this board. Please make sure that nobody has created the same, or a similar character before creating a new one. Of course, do your best to make your character interesting, complex, and with an advantage. Make sure to specify your political party, and of course offer good detail. Also, don't make your character "impenetrable" or "God like," as this isn't much fun for anybody. Tongue

Once you've created your character, read through all of the documentation and jump into the roleplay using your newly fashioned character! Big Grin

1. The Roleplay Center is for all public discussions, as well as for information related to roleplay. Inter-party proposals, etc... should be held within the situation room for that party.

2. Discussions and voting are limited to those who have selected a party.

3. You are only allowed to select one party.

4. All polls are required to be public, meaning that all users can see who voted for what.

5. Parties follow specific guidelines as well. Remember, if you are a nuisance, you can be evicted from your party!

6. Of course, participation is always encouraged, but is optional. While we expect some pretty heated discussions, the entire setting for this roleplay is fictional, and we don't allow personal attacks, etc... for propositions posted.

7. Both the ancients and the moderns are open for users to publicly join, but if you don't properly represent their party, you may be evicted. Parties will have their own "code" of representation, and the group leader will be responsible for strictly enforcing these rules. Make sure to check your party's situation room for more details. Getting evicted from your party for not standing with its fundamental principles is never fun! Tongue

8. Don't represent another character without permission from the character's owner.
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