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Some of you here probably already know about, which is a simcity, Cities XL, and Minecraft community with an active chat community as well. It's been around for quite a while and has developed a pretty nice, small community atmosphere. Simlink and I are currently administrators over there, and invite anyone who has an interest in Simcity or games of that genre to come check us out. Big Grin

Of course if you have your own communities, feel free to promote them in this board as well! We want to check them out!
Good choice of domain name!

I always tend to try and not do a ".com" myself, just seems too generic - my software studio's website ends in ".net" infact!
Well, once upon a time Blake made a post about this mysterious community called ""

However, that was once upon a time.

Since then, Simmania has evolved much as a site. We've recently converted to IP.B, which is a huge step in this site's direction. We also no longer like to focus on "Sim" games, instead we are focusing on a wide range of games, from SimCity games to Strategy games (e.g. Civ). We also are home to a fun and relaxed forum games section Big Grin. The chat is now hosted through Blake's site chatcave, which is powered by none other than AJAX chat. If you'd like to check out our new refurbished community, hit us up at

Haha love that it's running Chatcave for the chat now! Tongue

I'm not all that involved lately because I've been busy, but I can vouch for the community. Their chat is a great place to visit if you like a laid back atmosphere, especially in the evenings.
A lot of new stuff to talk about with Cities: Skylines coming out. If I had more time I would stop by.