Full Version: Forum advertisement banners for 500 MS cash
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I am able to design simple forum banners that are ideal for signature advertising for members here at Makestation. I will admit that I'm not exactly a professional advertisement designer, so I won't do anything super fancy, but examples of some of my previous work can be found below. Your banner will look similar to the ones below, of course adapted for your own forum. Tongue

Examples of Previous Work:

[Image: 5cim.png]

[Image: 4szt.png]

[Image: nj9m.png]
(Yes, they all pretty much look the same. Yours will look similar as well. Tongue )

More examples of previous work

Quote:Request Template:
Site name:
Slogan: (must be very small for good looking banners! I won't use slogans that are more than a few words because they are hard to fit in. )
Link to forum: (I need this for the angled screenshot that will appear on the right of the banner. )
Custom Dimensions? I use 468x80 by default, so that is what I will recommend. If you would like different dimensions, please specify them here. Smile
Special requests?

500 MS cash (send a donation to me via this page, with a link to this thread listed as the reason)

A nice looking theme. (If your forum looks like spaghetti on your screen, it won't make for a nice looking banner! Tongue )

If your interested, just fill out the form and post below! Big Grin