Full Version: The Marketplace Guidelines (Read this first!)
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Hello forumers!

2020 update: Paid exhcanges are allowed and encouraged. Our goal is to expand upon this section considerably in the coming months. If you have a paid exchange, you are welcome to post it here!

We are pleased to introduce the all new marketplace of Makestation. This is a place where you can exchange various services for station cash (or for other things as well) freely with members of the community. Here are some ideas on how the marketplace can be used:

- You can exchange posts or registrations on blogs, forums, etc...
- You can exchange youtube subscriptions, software licenses (if obtained legally), etc...
- You can use the marketplace to request graphics designs, themes, etc...
- You can make community related threads here as well. For example, you could make predictions about a football game or a website and make a bet based on it.


1) You are permitted to do exchanges using station cash or real cash. Paypal is the only payment method that is currently accepted for advertising in this marketplace. If you intend to do an exchange with real cash, please state clearly in your thread.

2) Don't PM users and solicit exchanges. Let users find your thread in this board instead. Also, bumping is allowed, but please don't bump your threads excessively, as it appears to come across as spam to viewers of this board.

3) Reputation exchanges are strictly prohibited

4) If you set up a deal, please follow your end of the deal. We want to build a good reputation here at Makestation, so please don't abuse this section. Also, any event of a scam from any user in this board that involves station cash or real money will result in your account being banned from the marketplace.

-Darth Apple