Full Version: FINAL LAPS: McDowell avoids massive wreck to win the 2021 Daytona 500
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Michael McDowell has won the 2021 Daytona 500 after Joey Logano made contact with Brad Keselowski out front, causing them to spin out and wreck the field as McDowell maneuvers past for the victory. It was the first career Cup victory for McDowell.

I normally don't watch NASCAR, but I saw someone shared the video and watched. Crazy wreck! Congrats to the first-time winner.
NASCAR does not exist in shitty Europe, motorsport with internal combustion engines is dying here, the idiots believe they can save the world, the idiots should read the history of the earth and not kid us, the earth rotates on its own axis, we once learned, and this unrest brings this earth into trouble again and again, ice ages, hot times ..... and they sell us the nonsense that our cars kill them ..... a shame about motorsport, really brilliant! !!
(February 16th, 2021 at 7:20 PM)tc4me Wrote: [ -> ] a shame about motorsport, really brilliant! !!

I've seen they've started the Formula E series as a way to continue motorsports even after things have went all electric. What's your thoughts on that series?
The Formula E series is playing on the PS2, no sound, no emotions, no smell of gas ... i watched 1 race, motorsport with energy saving what kind of nonsense is that? the driver has to swap cars at halfway through the race because the battery is empty, and must never drive at full capacity otherwise he will not reach his destination! Motorsport with energy saving? So not the fastest wins, the power saver wins .. that's not motorsport, that's energy-saving Chellenge for environmental organizations
Wow, what a mess >_< .

Still, congrats to Michael McDowell - and I'm glad everyone involved seemed to be relatively OK!