Full Version: Makestation D&D Game
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Let's play one. Roll20 and Discord. Who's in? I can DM.
Yes! I'm so in.
Yaas anyone else?
Either Lain or Thomas will send discord invites as soon as they are ready to begin. Looking forward to this. Cool
I'm going to bump this because I'm excited about it.
@SpookyZalost is interested too.

All people are welcome, regardless of their experience with d&d or other tabletop roleplaying games. If D&D is something you've been interested in but never had a chance to play, definitely reply to this topic. You're welcome to join us!
ya I'm excited, it sounds interesting Tongue
Anyone else interested?
I'm up for this but I've never played so am a complete noob.
So @Thomas  want to go over what ruleset etc here so people can reference it easily in case they don't know?