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Formula 1 Austria: Races on July 5th and 12th almost fixed

Even more concrete information about Formula 1 in Austria: Red Bulls Motorsport consultant Dr. Helmut Marko sees two GPs in July as fixed, all requirements can be met.
Are they planning on allowing fans at this point? Or just running races with empty stands?
YES with fans but only a certain number
It will be interesting see how it all goes for sure.
Wow, I'm surprised they're allowing fans. The British Grand Prix won't have any - if it even goes ahead at all.

(And I do have my doubts: Formula One is a global sport, contested by large teams whose personnel live all over the world. It's impossible to see how they get everyone to the circuit, since all these different countries are in various stages of lockdown, and even when those restrictions are lifted, I expect the international travel will be among the last things to come back. Perhaps it's possible for some of the team members to work remotely, but even so, I expect it'll be awfully complicated.

We'll see, but I'm certainly not holding my breath...
Too bad you don't hear anything, I always watch the British Superbike, crazyyyyyyy
Here's a pretty major update. Sebastian Vettel will be leaving Ferrari at the end of the year:

It's not the most surprising announcement ever (his much younger team-mate Charles Leclerc beat him last season), but it's still sure to send the driver market into a bit of a frenzy. It's not clear which team he'll move to (or if he'll even stay in the sport at all) - and, there's sure to be intense competition for his vacant Ferrari seat.
Well, Vettel wanted annual salary the same as in 2019 and that's ONLY from Ferrari $ 30 million, Leclerc got $ 4 million and was better and faster, so what does he want 30 million for? because he was world champion in 2015? that was long ago ....
(May 12th, 2020 at 7:05 PM)tc4me Wrote: [ -> ]Well, Vettel wanted annual salary the same as in 2019 and that's ONLY from Ferrari $ 30 million, Leclerc got $ 4 million and was better and faster, so what does he want 30 million for? because he was world champion in 2015? that was long ago ....


Money-wise, it makes sense to move on from him.
annual income, including sponsorship money, is calculated at 100 million. They're sick in the head, they want 100% security and 100 million?
Well, where can he go from here?

It seems the only real options open to him now are Mercedes and Renault - and even Mercedes would depend on Lewis Hamilton leaving (his contract expires at the end of the year). Red Bull have Max Verstappen until the end of 2023 (and they won't want Vettel alongside him); McLaren have Ricciardo and Norris as their line-up; and the other teams not already mentioned aren't really in the conversation. Heck, even Renault might not be an option any more, if the Alonso rumours are to be believed...

It seems like, unless Vettel can somehow get the Mercedes drive, he might be out of F1 altogether...
Vettel should stop, no performance for 3 years, he makes a lot of stupid mistakes
According to the new quarantine rules introduced by the British government due to the coronavirus pandemic, the start of the traditional British Formula 1 race at Silverstone has been canceled 99%. The event could be postponed to late summer. In this case, the season start double in Austria would be followed by two races in Hungary.
Die ersten acht Rennen:
5. Juli: Österreich, Spielberg
12. Juli: Österreich*, Spielberg
19. Juli: Ungarn? Budapest
2. August: Großbritannien, Silverstone
9. August: Großbritannien,** Silverstone
16. August: Spanien, Barcelona
30. August: Belgien, Spa-Francorchamps
6. September: Italien Monza

and now for our couple of english speaking friends:  Finna Finna Finna

The first eight races:
July 5: Austria, Spielberg
July 12: Austria *, Spielberg
July 19: Hungary? Budapest
August 2: Great Britain, Silverstone
August 9: Great Britain, ** Silverstone
August 16: Spain, Barcelona
August 30: Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps
September 6: Italy Monza

Yay, glad to hear it Big Grin !

Of course, I am a bit worried that all the re-openings will lead to a second wave... so, I'll believe it when I see it.
I'm excited to see this parade season get underway and Lewis Hamilton win another world title /s
Well, who watched the Austrian Grand Prix today?

Quite an exciting one - and a superb result for Lando Norris in particular, coming in 3rd for McLaren!

Poor Red Bull pair, though. Albon had a repeat of Brazil (where he looked to be on for a podium, then got knocked off the track by Hamilton), and Verstappen didn't get a proper chance before his car conked out on him...
I was actually thinking about watching it, but my daughter wanted to play outside, so I got outvoted. Tongue
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