Full Version: Frisbee Golf
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So I discovered a new sport today. And it's fun. It's called disc-golf (or frisbee-golf). 

You have 18 full-length holes with a par and everything else that goes along with golf, but you throw a high-quality professional frisbee instead. There is actually quite a bit of technique involved. Many of the holes cannot be reached with a line-of-sight path, so you have to throw it in such a way that it curves along the path and doesn't run into trees. There is also a creek near the course here, so you have to be careful to make sure it doesn't land where it shouldn't. 

Anyone heard of this before? It's extremely fun.
I have, even played it once or twice, but then I'm a fan of both frisbee and actual golf (also mini golf lol).

anyway frisbee-golf is fun but we've no courses here so we have to setup stuff in the park and whatnot.
Yea frisbee is one of those things that needs pretty much no equipment whatsoever. It's nice. Just do it wherever and you're good.
I am terrible at frisbee. Never tried it, but there's a course less than a mile from my house.
I'm not much good at it either. My average was six throws, but I had some where it was as high as 11.

Definitely recommend though. It's very relaxing and a lot of fun.
I have tried the sport a couple of times. Not a super fan of it however.