Full Version: Help a fellow forum out.
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it's the final round of a battle of websites over at forum promotion and a forum called meowsepad is tied for first place.  Unfortunately some sour grapes are heckling both the community and the owner and their website/forum.  If anyone is a member there and has enough posts to participate I'd really appreciate it if you could vote for meowsepad.  They're a community much like our own and could use our help!
thanks for reading.
You guys are so amazing! I appreciate what you're doing more than words can describe, and even if our community doesn't win, I will never forget this. Smile
No community thrives in a vacuum. We are happy to support! Smile
Voted. Good luck Meowsepad!
Thanks a lot, guys.
So guys, here's the shabang. Let's make this happen! Big Grin

On FP, you'll have to have at least five posts in order to vote in the poll. We're gonna go all in on this! [snip]

So any support towards Meowsepad would be great. Let's support openness, creativity, and true sportsmanship. Make your five posts (and throw makestation in the signature if you please Finna), and then go vote in the poll. Then check in here to let us know you've voted! Smile

@Guardian: Thank you for your vote Smile
Good Morning Already voted yesterday :-)
Voted Smile . Good luck, guys!