Full Version: [Collaboration] MyBB Plugins
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I make MyBB plugins on the side. We've so far released a number of them made by members of Makestation, with several more in the pipeline. Right now, I'm looking for help with the status feed and I'll be getting it wrapped up in the next month or so as my schedule frees up. 

Namely, I'm looking at someone to help test, and someone to help us audit for security. I aggressively test my plugins before releasing them (both for stability and for rogue input), but another set of eyes is a huge help. I had some help with BAM's testing, so if anyone would like to help test, please let me know here! 

Regarding live boards, we are using the status feed here, but I can't recommend using it on a live board currently UNLESS you are okay with completely reinstalling it once the release comes. There will be no upgrade path from pre-beta releases to the final. We've been doing it by hand here, but it's a fairly involved process.
You know I don't mind testing on Aeowulf. Cool
(April 12th, 2020 at 12:29 AM)Guardian Wrote: [ -> ]You know I don't mind testing on Aeowulf. Cool

Sweet, thank you! 

I'll let you test as-is if you'd like. The only issue is that there's a lot of very heavy work on the templates. We will have to manually copy/paste the templates one-by-one (there's about 20) when it's time to release if it's installed now. 

I'll have a beta shortly after the semester is over. I'll send it to you ASAP once most of the template work is done!