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NL Central is doing awful. Pretty much everyone in the division is awful compared to every other division in the MLB lmao. As a Cardinals fan, it's kinda hard to watch.
I hear the Braves are doing well though! That's all I care about. Tongue

Haven't really kept up with any baseball this year. I've heard the Orioles are stinking it up something bad though.
That's pretty typical for them lol
Like Guardian, I have not kept up with baseball as i usually do Smile
Go Cardinals!
Congratulations to Tampa Bay. They made it to the playoffs! Hurray! Smile
(September 29th, 2019 at 2:08 AM)Towncrafter Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations to Tampa Bay. They made it to the playoffs! Hurray! Smile

Wow, that's awesome. Hadn't realized they kept it up this long.
They finished 96-66 and are a wildcard team. They face Oakland in the American League Wildcard game, and then the winner of that faces Houston.
Meanwhile, Minnesota faces the Yankees.
I've been an Astros fan for a long time, but I'd like to see Tampa Bay make it past them and go on to the ALCS. Smile
Let's go Cards!!

Twins are going to get absolutely rekt by the Yankees no contest
you guys know i want the Rays tomorrow Smile
The Rays won! Smile
They beat the A's 5-1.
TC, thanks and yes we did it man !!

But I guess now your going to pull for the Astros in the next series right ?
Astros up 2-0 on Rays now..
Need one more to close this out Smile
we won the afternoon baseball game to stay alive !

Stll 2 games -1 , Houston
I'm pulling for Tampa Bay.
A Tampa Bay win would be great!

Let's go Braves!
thanks guys Smile

no matter what happens tonight I am obviously very proud of the Rays that we did force a deciding game against the best team in baseball Wink
Braves are out... after giving up 10 runs in the first inning...
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