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A couple of games to kick off next Saturday, then on the 31st the full season gets under way! Can't wait!

Who else is stoked? Predictions for the season? Contenders and busts?
Guardian , thanks for opening up a new thread on this.
But yes I always get excited about the start of college football !
Florida and Miami kickoff the season today! Florida already up 7-3 with an electric punt fake followed by a 66-yard reception with many broken tackles.

Arizona and Hawaii play later tonight!
Yes, it looks like florida won 24-20 in a close game Smile
Florida pulled one out this weekend, with there starting QB ( Franks) out with injury...
to start 3-0 . We will have to see how this new QB plays though ?
Going to make it harder for them this yea, unless its like many teams nowadays where the backup is better than the starter. I don't think Franks was that great TBH. Might help them out, could hurt. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
ya exactly about franks.. i felt the same way

this is a big game against the Vols to see if we can start 4-0 this year Smile
last weeks games were kinda weak..
Hopefully the schedule picks upa bit this weekend Smile
Yeah... this week sucks too. Tongue
Yes except Florida beat Auburn to go 6-0 !!

Go Gators !! Smile
(October 6th, 2019 at 9:48 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]Yes except Florida beat Auburn to go 6-0 !!

Go Gators !! Smile

Yes! Super stoked for that one! Cool
Thanks for your support Guardian Smile

Florida has indeed gone to 6-0 after beating Auburn in an exciting game
Minnesota knocked off Penn State today!

Watching Alabama-LSU, and LSU is already up 7-0 after a Tua fumble.
LSU is now a near-unanimous #1 in the latest rankings, followed by Ohio State and Clemson. Alabama somehow hangs onto the 4th spot. We shall see how the Playoff selectors view it on Tuesday. That's the one that matters.

Minnesota should have jumped into the Top 4 IMO.
LSU and OSU are real power houses right now eh ?
(November 12th, 2019 at 1:40 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]LSU and OSU are real power houses right now eh ?

Yeah, the clear #1 and #2 right now. Undecided
Rivalry week in college football! Watching the Iron Bowl.

Ohio State has already beat Michigan.
Florida won, so i was happy about that Smile
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