Full Version: 2019 NBA Playoffs
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Big win for  Toronto last night in an away game.

This now puts them up 3-2 in  there series with the Milwaukee Bucks,
in the east conference finals
Saw highlights of that one, some crazy stuff.
ya I heard they dropped the first 2 games so they have really come on..
But still at 3-2, of course its still not a done deal just yet Smile
So after taking the last 4 games of the series vs the Bucks, the Raptors have made the finals Smile

They will play the Warriors..
Strong start by the Raptors , as they take game 1 !!
warriors bounce back and take game 2. So series is tied 1-1, with game 3 in Toronto
Keep 'em coming!
Big win for the raptors last night,
as they won an away game at Warriors, to take a 2-1 series lead..
Big Kudos again to the raptors, as they took both games at the warriors home court Smile
This now puts them up in the series 3 -1, with 3 opportunities to bring home a champ. to Toronto Smile
So close... Going to be crazy.
Thw warriors stay alive !!

It was a very close game but the Warriors, spoiled Toronto's coronation as the NBA champs last night..

So this now goes to at least a game 6 ,

with the Raptors still up 3-2 ...
Warriors are still in it.... crazy.
yes but without kevin Durant

So you still have to figure the Raptors can take 1 of the 2 remaining games ?
I think so.
Raptorn only needed the first game,
Congrats to them and the city of Toronto !!
YEAH! Holy cow! I thought I already replied in here, but WOW. Congrats to the Raptors! Glad they got their first championship!

Two brand new champions in one week with the Blues and now Raptors.