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TheTechWiki will be a wiki for everything technology: tutorials, tech info and such. I have the main site up and everything, but it's still under construction. All content is licensed on the site under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, meaning you can re-publish it for non-commercial use only. If you have a tutorial, interesting facts or anything else about technology, feel free to write something up and post it here! Smile

Planned features:
  • Article Of The Now - Featured tutorials or articles on the frontpage.
  • Finished Products - A forum where users can share their finished result of a tutorial.
  • Requests - Request tutorials and have one of our users write one up.
Very nice concept! I do hope that it goes well, and look forward to further updates.  I might be willing to contribute to the tutorial as well at launch. Big Grin
Great concept! (I probably couldn't contribute much, but, eh, it's a nice thought Tongue)
Thanks for the replies! As of now, the only articles are: (with a picture of me Big Grin)

So we really need content lol.
Well if the site didn't 404...
I get an error as well.