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I run a forum. heheheĀ  Find lots of different posts covering some very interesting topics! Check it out:

Schism Cortex Big Grin
I'm getting a weird error when I try to load it from here, I'll try from my home pc when I get off work but for some reason I get a connection interrupted message.'s definitely on-line. Smile
Best of luck.
yeah it's weird that I get an error at work but when I access it from home it's fine...

maybe it's just the work firewalls, or the server host *shrugs* I'd expect makestation to also have issues given how their emails are handled but everything seems fine there.

either way, I'm doing my best to be a frequent member both here and there Tongue
I am still sad that this forum. It was so unique and I found not been able to find a forum in that certain niche since. Sad
What sorts of content were on it?
Thanks for the props! I don't even recall what was on it. I just don't have luck with general interest forums tho! Sad