Full Version: Forumcraft (Minecraft Forum)
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[Image: onq9.png]
Forumcraft (name subject to change) is intended to be an alternative to the cluttered As many of us know, is blessed with curse, and in turn is ad-ridden. Even the backgrounds are ads. Also don't forget the many rude users there. It isn't a very nice place at all.

At first, we are only going to have Minecraft Boards and only a few off-topic boards. This is because I want the forum to fulfill its niche before expanding to other topics.

So any minecraft players are free to hop on in and check it out!

Nice forum. I'm not a minecraft player, but it's nice to know there is an alternative to the minecraft forum. Tongue
Fun fact: This is a part of my secret project. So expect more.
Nice. Be sure to keep us updated. Big Grin
Alright... though this thread hasn't been getting a lot of attn, I'd still like to ask for suggestions on what I can do to make it better. I am working on a custom theme for the site, so it'll look prettier soon.