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The 2018 draft is less than a week away! The season is right around the corner! 

Draft discussion begins now, and season discussion will follow. 

Who's your favorites for the top draft picks?
ya i didnt realize it was coming along this quickly thanks !
oh i have no idea really who will be chosen first.. havent given this any thought yet !!
2018 NFL Draft begins tonight!

It is set to start at 8 EST on NFL Network, Fox, and ESPN.

I'm upset I have to miss a large portion of it as I have a soccer game tonight. The bright side.... I don't have to wait for each selection, I'll get them all at once at the end. Tongue Well, the 1st round anyway.
Yeah it was intense tonight! Everyone at work was watching it. It sucks that I ended up there instead of being able to pay attention. Tongue Finna
I missed the 2nd half. A lot of surprises, and not so much's.

I got the first 3 picks on the nose, then the Browns surprised me with their 4th pick and it all went downhill from there. Tongue
crap man !!, I missed it and i dont even have a clue who the bucs drafted or if they traded there first round pick ?
The draft is now over. Wikipedia has the simplest rundown of who got picked:

Alabama had a whopping 12 players selected, including 4 in the first round!
yes i have found out we ended up with a running back in the first round , which i was quite happy about Smile
It's finally here!

Finally glad to see how everyone' offseason preparation will relay into on-the-field performance.

It's going to be a fun season!
the bucs had an incredible 1st win eh guardian ? Smile
(September 10th, 2018 at 4:06 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]the bucs had an incredible 1st win eh guardian ? Smile

That was INSANE! Very surprised to see, but very entertaining football.

Lost me the chance at $200 insane! Tongue
yes , I am of course waiting to see after another week or 2 if this was just some kinda fluke or not Smile
Week 2 will hopefully reveal all the flukes and true teams. Jets, Bucs, Browns. Have they turned around yet?
The bucs looked very impressive in there win
At least early on in the season, certainly 1 of the surprise teams in the NFL Smile
The Bucs continue.... WOW. They are one hell of a team this year and Fitzpatrick is playing lights out!
Guardian ,

we gave it a good shot MNF but came up a little short..
Still , 2-1 is a good start for us..
And now the QB controversy begins !! Smile
I know! I picked up Fitzpatrick in my FF league and am hoping they keep starting him and he keeps the magic.
this is not official, but ive heard he is starting again VS chicago this week Smile
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