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The 2018 Spring Games are underway, freshman are getting involved and learning new systems. Teams have fully moved on from the past season are focused on this upcoming season. We still have 4 months before opening day, but it will fly by, so to keep any potential discussion going, I'm creating the 2018 thread early. 

There is still much to discuss!

Watch any spring games? What are your thoughts? What's your hopes for this year?
ya sorry, I never really have watched any of the spring games..
Some times of course I hear some discussion about them on sports radio ..
I suppose i can comment later if i do hear anything Smile
PAC-12 rules no member schools can go to a bowl game with a 5-7 record. Finally, the PAC-12 doing something right for a change. Props to them:
A couple of minor season openers are in the books. The real season begins this week! Games start rolling in on Thursday! Stoked!
ya im pretty fired up about all of football now !!
pros also because im playing fantasy football again and id like to win back to back champs Smile
Twas a great first week!

Nothing surprising except Miami I think. In my eyes at least.
ya the streak is saturday

Florida Vs Kentucky

this is for 32 in a row, where if it happens and Florida does win again , it ties the 3rd longest steak ever in NCAA football Smile
Wow, the streak is broken! Kentucky defeats Florida!

Also, Alabama passes Ohio State for most weeks atop AP poll at 106 weeks.
yup, the streak had to be broken some year right Smile
(September 10th, 2018 at 4:06 AM)brian51 Wrote: [ -> ]yup, the streak had to be broken some year right Smile

All streaks will end. That was still one helluva streak!
yes thanks .. although overall i dont think either florida or florida state look to have good seasons this year..
Perhaps south florida ? Smile
USF is going to run the state this year. Would have been UCF, but Frost left. Maybe FAU can finish strong.
thanks guardian..

Ya were quite excited now about USF potential this year to go pretty far

but as you know its a long season still ahead Smile

another big comeback win for USF today !!!
Yeah, and Alabama keeps steamrolling people!

Some upsets here and there, but nothing too crazy yet. As bad as it gets is BYU upsetting then #6 Wisconsin.
ya i watched the BYU upset Smile

florida vs tenniessee next sat at 7 pm east

see where florida is at guardian Smile
Old Dominion pulls out a crazy upset of Virginia Tech.

Michigan destroys Nebraska, Nebraska's first 0-3 start since 1945.

Alabama continues rolling...
yes the Old Dominion upset was quite a shock to me of course !

but also Florida looked quit e good in its night game, last night..

We have always had a lot of confidence in the new coach doing a great job with the team..

and than Florida state also played quite well ( in a game they were supposed to win ) ..
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