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the 2018 hockey playoffs , got underway last night with 3 games..

Tonight my team, ( the Tampa Bay lightning), are in action against the New Jersey devils in game 1 of a best of 7 series..

Game starts at 7:10 in Tampa..
Definitely pulling for Tampa Bay in this one!
thanks i thought we played pretty well in game one last night , if not fantastic..
But we ended up winning in the end, 5-2.. so were up 1-0 in games of course with a long ways yet to go.. Smile
we took game 2, 5-3
So great start to the series as we won both of our home games and lead 2-0

Boston is doing very well so far in there series with toronto, also ..
Great start! Cool

game- 3 in tomorrow night..

this will be an away game for us
we dropped game 3 tonight 5-2

but still lead the series 2-1 in games..

i think game 4 is wed night in new jersey again..
we bounced back though and won game 4 to take a commanding 3-1 series lead over NJ..
Excellent! Smile Close to making it through.
ya im watching some of the other series tonight..
Pittsburg is up 3-1 on philly in games..
2-2 headed into the final period..
So good finish brewing here , Guardian Smile
we did indeed wrap up are series this afternoon , 3-1, winning the series with NJ ( 4-1 ) ..
so we most likely will play Boston next in the second round.. But a long break now until the rest of the
first round series end,,
Fantastic! Hopefully they can win this next round.
ya Boston actually lost to toronto last night, even playing at home..
so that series has now been stretched out to 6 games at a minimum...
all good news for us , of course !!
boston lost yet again to toronto in game 6 last night..
so now this sets up a game 7 and final game , on wed. night
this of course is all good news for us as we play the winner of this series Smile
Let the opponents wear each other down. Sounds like war of attrition. I love it. Tongue
well I think the big moment us arrived for us,
we now face Boston , tomorrow at 3 pm east on game 1 in tampa..
Let's go Lightning!
sorry i have not updated here in awhile,
but our second round series with Boston is now tied at 1-1 games each Smile
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