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Since were entering the heart of golf season, i thought i would start another golf thread..

So Right now im watching the final round of this WGC Tourney out in Mexico and 47 year old Phil Mickelson has a 1 shot lead over a host of other players..

i think we can still mention Tiger woods in this thread but just not to make him the main topic of it Smile
Amazingly, Phil Mickelson ..
Did end up winning the tourney in a playoff !
It was his first victory in 4.5 years ( 97 tournies)..
It is looking to be an interesting Masters, Guardian ..
Heard that, good for him. It's been 5 years, so it's about time.
Yes thanks for you reply here, Guardian..

I was unsure if Phil was playing in the Vaspar Tourney starting with round one along side tiger.. perhaps I can try to find out if hes in the field..
The Tourney site as I mentioned in another posting is only about 15 miles from me Smile
next pga stop :

is this weeks's WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play event..

i think starts on Wednesday
It turned out to be a very boring final match of the  WGC- Sad

And the third place match was not much better !!
This week's PGA stop, takes us out to the Houston open... there will be no tiger woods again this week.
However the field will still have a lot of the best players participating in this event..
Tourney is set to start , the first round get underway..
update :

Round 1 of the Houston open was not fully completed due to darkness
update :

after round 2 of the houston open... there are certainly some pretty good player milling around the top of the leader board,
but Phil is 6 shots back.. so he obviously needs a very good round to be a factor on the final round on Sunday Smile
Last week's Houston open went to yet another playoff , which was won by England's Ian poulter..
So it was obviously another exciting finish on the PGA tour !
Tom watson wins the Par 3 contest at age 68 !!
Great start to this years masters Tourney Smile
Wow, good for him!
Yes, its mostly justa non competitive sorta fun thing they do each year ..
but still impressive nonetheless
jordan spieth is leading the first round of the Masters by a couple of shots..
Something he has been able to do many times now in recent years ( had lead 9 rounds at the Masters)..
I saw his across the water shot. That was nice!
yes Jordon, i think still has a good chance to win this,
although the top 2 guys have broken away from the rest of the field a bit also ( 5 shots)
but I am thinking they will come back to the field a bit today.. Of course there is still a long ways to go ( 36 more holes to play)..
I watched golf for the first time today, and it was a little more interesting than I had expected. Watched Rory Micilroy, and was shocked at how much skill went into it. I couldn't do it. Finna

Does everyone just wait at the last hole in the audience? I've always wondered how that works. Tongue
(April 7th, 2018 at 10:55 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: [ -> ]Does everyone just wait at the last hole in the audience? I've always wondered how that works. Tongue

As far as I've seen, people get tickets to each hole, with the higher hole # coming with the pricier ticket.
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