Full Version: NFL Season 2017
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The Chiefs are the team to beat. JJ Watt and OBJ look out for a while. The Browns and Giants are the bottom of the barrel. 

The Patriots are NOT the team to beat. 

Just making an NFL thread so we stop taking over the Listening To thread. Tongue 
the chiefs finally lost wow !

and i will be watching MNF later of course, but the game really isnt the best game tonight , Guardian .

This season is just insane. WOW.

Yeah, not a great MNF.
but so far at least this has turned out to be a pretty tight game here at the half Smile
Good to see Derrick Henry finish the game strong!
Yes , ...and now the bucs need to rebound after a very disappointing last week
Yeah. Hope Jameis comes back strong.
ya i was just thinking about him,

it looks like its still up in the air as to whether or not he will play Sunday
Still hoping. If he doesn't I'm pretty much screwed fantasy-wise.
Guardian another great game last night

it went down to the final play..

4 times !!!
HOLY COW! Very surprised by that result. ALMOST put money on the Chiefs. So glad I didn't.
ya i think the chiefs are coming back down to earth now Smile
Yeah. I don't mind. Tongue Still a crazy football year.
Guardian ,

Do you play fantasy football or have you ever ?

I am in a family league with my brother , and I think this is our 10 year or 9 th Smile
I do. I am doing terrible this year. Only 1 win so far. Undecided
ah, hope things turn around for you my friend..
So far I have been mediocre this year at 3-4

Tight MNF game so far at 3-3 apiece
Looks like the Eagles are taking it over.
The bucs need a win badly guardian in this upcoming week !
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