Full Version: Shadowrun
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[Image: SR2.png]

with New RPG's coming out on the computer featuring this setting I thought it would be fitting to bring up the topic of the shadowrun tabletop RPG.

has anyone played it before? what are your thoughts on it, have you read any of the books or have an interest in the setting?

perhaps you are familiar with the setting from the video games alone.

either way this topic is to discuss Shadowrun, probably one of the coolest attempts to mix fantasy and cyberpunk sci-fi into one setting.

so get on it chummer!
Sorry Spook, I know nothing about it
In fact this is the first time i have ever heard of this RPG game..
But it sure is interesting news for the game playing world !!
This one is definitely right up your alley. Tongue Good potential. Probably won't play it, just cause no one with inteserest here, or free time.
what can I say, cyberpunk + fantasy in one setting?

I mean where else can you be fighting cyborg orks with a technomancer gnome and an Arnold Schwarzenegger look alike for your pal?