Full Version: What have you been playing lately?
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what tabletop RPG's have you been playing lately?

what characters have you created?

do you just read media and such or do you have a group you get together with?

do you play IRL or online?

discuss the why's and how's of your Tabletop RPG gaming.
so I'll start...

I've been playing D&D with some friends lately, we used to do an IRL thing but due to distances we do things over google talk now.

my character is a 5th level Frost Dwarf Artificer and we play using the 4e Edition rules of D&D

we typically get together about once a month for a few hours when our schedules coincide.

but it's been great fun, mythril missiles powered by our pyromancer and aimed by our ranger are particularly fun to utilize against monsters... just heavy to carry around, thankfully we have a minotaur to help with that.

mostly though I craft weapons, gear, and enhancements for the rest of the party.

most recently we tackled a campaign where we took on some kind of elder evil and barely survived as a group, though I believe the NPC we were supposed to protect needs a new body now... I'll be getting on that next time round lol, artificers for the win!
My real life group I play with started playing Starfinder recently. I play an envoy, which is basically a bard with some rogue elements mixed in. Very cool character, and none of us have any experience with Starfinder so it's "pure." No minmaxing or anything. We're just having fun.