Full Version: Character: Zed of the lost.
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Name (& pronunciation): Z the lost., Pronounced Zed of the lost (Chosen name not given name.

Date of Birth (& age): Physical Birth 07/04/2008, Rebirth, 04/02/2026,  organic age 27, 9 years since rebirth.

Place of Birth: Primus Arcology in colorado.

Gender: Male, Occasionaly female avatars online.

Species/Racial Origin: Human/Cyborg, Neo - American.

Social Class/Community Status: middle class, Cyber-enhanced Technician.

Language: English variant,


Family: 1, Dr4ke, robot companion/Childhood pet/companion droid.

Friends: Many but few in real life.

Physical Description

Height: variable, 5ft 9 without cybernetic extensions active.

Weight: 270 lb's, mostly due to weight of augmentations.

Hair: fiberoptic, changes color depending on mood.

Eyes: camera retinas.

Limb Dexterity: variable, can be swapped for various tasks

Detailed Physical Description: a 5ft 9in cyborg with interchangeable limbs, normally bipedal, default looks fairly human except for the obviously robotic joints.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: whatever fits, equipment variable depending on task but usually carries a middleman box for interfacing with stuff and a satchel for carrying stuff, has purple LED's on components.


Personality/Attitude: Chaotic Good, excited about technology, fairly relaxed, logically minded and a bit quirky at times, cybernetics create a kind of savant effect when working.

Skills/Talents: cybernetic-enhancements for physical and tech abilities, instant memory recall, direct brain interface with technology/Cyberspace navigation.

Favourites/Likes: new technology, clean environment, Techno/metal music

Most Hated/Dislikes: ignorance, greed, racism, rap music.

Goals/Ambitions: to do well at their job, and to become better through technology and self improvement

Strengths: cybernetic enhancements, generally good person, instant information access.

Weaknesses: weak to computer viruses, severe environmental conditions, high voltage, tends to self sacrifice.

Fears: Termination, global war, shutting down to wake up decades later.

Hobbies/Interests: tinkering, going to local music performances, exploring cyberspace.

Regular Routine: Recharge for 6 hours, perform morning maintenance for 1-2 hours, work for 6 hours as an on site technician, spend 10 hours doing whatever.

Philosophy of Life: do whatever you want so long as you do not bring harm to yourself or others, and always work towards making yourself better.

Attitude Toward Death:  fearful but willing to face it to prevent suffering of others.

Religion/Beliefs: Techno-pagan, technology has a life of it's own and must be respected as it's an extension of human will.

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: frequents cyberspace with a female avatar, is male in the physical world.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: early practice with cybernetics when they weren't as well understood, nearly lost their life due to rejection, learned to be
more patient and not rush things, also gained fear of death/being shut down for long periods, preference to control recharge/sleep cycle.

Sexual Preference/Experience/Values:

Sexual preference: Neutral, prefers women.

Experience: occasional

Values: free will, self improvement, self upgrading, pro-augmentation.

Education/Special Training: can install knowledge as needed, full public school education before cyber-augmentation, bachelors in cybernetics.

Place/Type of Residence: apartment

Occupation: Technician/on site repair person.

Place of Work: wherever they are needed, they travel around and work on site.

Work-related Skills: soldering, bug fixing, Problem tracing, circuit tracing, reverse engineering: basic,

Past Occupations: Bartender 10 years, bouncer 2 years, test subject - cybernetics 6 years

Memberships: Cyber-awareness-association, Moderns political party, local hackerspace - Owner/President.

Additional Notes:
can tone down the tech if this is too much.