Full Version: Poll 1: Conservatives and Liberals
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So, for our first poll, should the team names of "the moderns" and "the ancients" be renamed to the conservatives and the liberals

The following requirements must be met for this change to take effect 
  • A minimum of four votes
  • The final percentage must be 75% in favor
  • Results will not be processed until November 20th at earliest. 
Note that this is a public poll, and other members will be able to see what you have voted for. Tongue
I vote no. Tongue
(November 10th, 2014 at 1:25 AM)Clayton Wrote: [ -> ]I vote no. Tongue

Make sure to vote in the poll for the results to be counted. Tongue
I didn't see it up there. XD
No, only because that could end horribly. Tongue