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So the news continues regarding the new, poorly designed healthcare.gov website, and many people are still quite frustrated with all of the fine print terms and conditions that will leave many people without health insurance. To be honest, to fine people because of the inability to pay for insurance leaves ethical concerns and isn't a real improvement at all.

To be honest, the more I hear about Obama care, the more I'm beginning to be a bit skeptical of it. What is your opinion on the affordable care act? Be sure to vote in the poll!
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Socialized medicine, as great as it seems, stifles innovation in the medical fields. It works great in countries with small populations, or countries that have been weaned into it, but the United States is not one of those countries. Doctors are going to hate seeing their paychecks get cut, and they'll be less likely to try more experimental procedures to save patients.
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I agree, it really has been a mess on that front. What works well for one nation doesn't always work well for another.

One of the things that really was rather shady for me to find out recently was that businesses of over 50 employees, who do not provide health insurance for employees, won't penalized until the 32nd employee. A business with 51 employees would only be penalized for 19 of those employees if they did not provide healthcare as a part of the package, so for many small businesses, it's just cheaper to pay the penalties instead of providing the insurance.
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I do support the nationalization of healthcare (among other industries) but the not in the way Obamacare has implemented it.
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(November 13th, 2013 at 11:57 PM)AcoG000 Wrote: I do support the nationalization of healthcare (among other industries) but the not in the way Obamacare has implemented it.

Well said.
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