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Simple PhpBB theme (getting my feet wet)

Hello all, 

I was looking at the phpBB default design the other day and had an idea pop into my head with the theme. Long story short, I found myself messing around with it to get a feel for what could be done with it... and lo and behold, a theme comes forth. Finna 

I will say that so far it's been VERY different from what I'm used to. I've never messed with phpBB before, so this is a first. That said, it's absolutely awesome working with a tableless, responsive default theme by default, so it's been a huge timesaver. It's gotten a little easier as I've messed with it some more. 

What do you guys think of this so far? (I'm thinking about releasing this if it turns out well) Smile



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Well, it certainly looks nicer than the default phpbb theme I remember. It looks pretty good. Nice and simplistic.
Thank you @Guardian.

I've been quite impressed with the phpBB theming system honestly. It was inexcusably bad in earlier versions, but it's absolutely fantastic today. I was browsing the old ModX databases when flat file edits were required to install plugins and it was sort of nostalgic in a way (a lot of very nice mods were available back then, even though they required manual installation). The software has really come quite a long way in the past ~6 years.

Unfortunately phpBB doesn't have as many highly customized themes available it seems (at least in terms of free ones). It's really a shame because the software is every bit as customizable MyBB is, but their theme developers tend to "play it safe" a lot more I've noticed. But I will give them this: Every single one of them is responsive. And that's a huge plus.
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