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What happened to Classic Rock?

It used to be a hugely mainstream genre. Eddie Van Halen, Led Zeppalin, Triumph, Rush, Metallica, and so many others were so hugely influencial on music, and it was so much more mainstream. 

Now, it's niche at best. Metallica carries the torch, to some extent. Tool is still around. Rush was around until recently. Greta Van Fleet is true classic rock, and they're doing great. But these days, mainstream music has changed so, so much. It is now much, much harder for a band to appeal to the masses AND stay true to classic rock while they are at it. 

Panic at the Disco is the new mainstream rock. As much as they are a great band, they aren't true classic rock. Not even close. It's rock with a major pop twist. 

What are your thoughts? And of course, in ten years, what bands do you think are going to be carrying the torch forward? - Our next project...
Its crazy to think stuff from the 90's is classic rock. Tongue

Still love it, but you're right, you don't hear much of it anymore. I guess it really is "Classic" Undecided
lol, I hear it still, but then again I mostly use internet streaming for music.

and isn't Metallica what they call 80's metal? lol

but I do get what you are saying, h*** most people don't know who jefferson starship/airplane, america, Crosby stills nash and young (neil young Wink ), and other groups from that era were and they pioneered early rock (what's now called hippie rock? 0_o)

btw, BOC forever!
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