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[Project Journal] The United Cities of Talaran


thanks so much for your latest CJ update !

Oddly enough I think I also have 1 city where the CAM Fix seems to do what it is supposed to do.
Of course I have no explanation as to why its just that 1 city ?

But yes, I think the right thing to do is simply ignore this large ( Blue) commercial demand also once we
feel we have plenty of commercial jobs for the sim population we have..

If I can find this city with the lower commercial demand , I will post an image or screen here in your CJ.. Smile
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Meanwhile a second city in the Talaran cluster has reached a population of 1.5 Mio SIms:

[Image: M4ckNI.jpg]

And I am not reporting, at this time, the traffic issues I have in the cluster, with inter-city travel getting entirely out of hand.

Due to some testing activities in the realm of NAM, updates to this CJ may be less frequent for a while.
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Congrats on this Pierre !

You are now starting to close in on my region population record
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I have a rather unsettling event occuring in one of the Talaran cities, namely Marlande: in the span of a few game months, there has been large-scale abandonment of residential buildings in an area of the city, with the note about excessive commuting time, and a loss of population of about 25'000 Sims. To a lesser degree there is also abandonment of some commercial buildings, on the ground of insufficient attractivity.

It is the first time this is happening in the cluster, where otherwise cities continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace now that they have reached a rather mature stage. It is, therefore, quite surprising.

I'll be researching the possible cause of this. A priori I can only suspect that some networks are congested, preventing the Sims to commute from home to work (and back, but the evening commute plays a much lesser role, if any, in computing travel time).
Yes, i think maybe try working on traffic of course, but also try more trees and park s near the abandoned areas.
This usually works quite well for me Smile .
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Thanks for your reply, Brian. As far as trees and parks go, I don't think that I can place more of those in the areas where I get abandonment: since I do not like empty tiles, I tend to fill all little angles, corners, etc, where it is not appropriate to zone buildings, by parks, fountains, trees, etc. But the advice is still very adequate, and I'll review the affected areas.

Meanwhile, since I don't only have problems (mostly with traffic) in my cities, I'll show a few pictures of parts of them where I am rather pleased with what is in place. As I had noted very early in this CJ, I am not hung up on 'eye candy', my main focus is traffic, transportation networks and in the present case the effects of region playing. Still, I try to make the cities looking nice without spending an excessive amount of time for it.

I'll start with a highway interchange in the midst of Cherenne. I am not a great specialist of RHW, but in the particular case I managed to build a rather tight, fairly symmetrical, and fully functional, T-interchange, and to stich up the city around it, commercial zone on the right, residential zone on the left:

[Image: hCDVRu.jpg]
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A new milestone has been achieved:

[Image: kxE0jQ.jpg]

Then, the next milestone, in terms of region population is, of course, 18 Mio Sims.


Two pictures taken in Deramey (Talaran cluster). The first one is a view of a major crossing of avenues on the north shore of the central business district. The statue in the center of the traffic circle is that of Auguste-Hyppolite de Labarre, Count of Deramey, founder of the city and its first mayor.

[Image: p5BVQe.jpg]

The second one shows the Peninsula, at the junction of the two major waterways that run thru Deramey, necessitating many bridges for the various networks; 3 of those bridges can be seen in the picture.

[Image: WHEBdD.jpg]
Beautiful! Love the bridges that go across and enter into roundabouts and diverge from there. Very nice work indeed. Smile - Our next project...
yes, I agree in the beauty of these cities.

And so there are now 2 new goals on the horizon for you, Pierre

First as you mention the 18 million
and than secondly, my current region population is around 18.2 million Smile
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