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TONS of new content. It still kinda bores you after a while though. At one point I was playing this game so much I literally dreamt about it, now it's hard to go back to.
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@ guardian: where to begin... I only recently got back into it in the last couple months...

first, there's coral reefs and seaweed now.

sunken ships with treasure maps.

villages got a rework in a big way.

more biomes.

you can now tame parrots.

foxes in the snow biomes.

polar bears in the ice and snow biomes.

the afore mentioned lanterns and new crafting blocks.

villages get raided by more than just monsters now, it's actually a defend the village mission with enemy HP and whatnot.

llamas are a thing.

sometimes a trader will show up at your base.


that's just the new stuff I've encountered so far.

next update gets bees, bee hives, and apiaries.
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Sounds pretty cool. Hope they still keep the content building.
agreed, it's changed rapidly in the past couple years, if this keeps up, who knows what else will make it in lol.

there's a lot to go from, and there's tons of mods for ideas too.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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