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Dual Booting

I currently have my PC dual booted with an outdated version of Ubuntu, although I pretty much never fire up Ubuntu these days. I plan on dual booting my next PC with Windows 8.1 and Xubuntu, or Ubuntu with XFCE as my primary desktop environment.

Anyone else here have experience dual booting their computers? If you're using linux, what distributions ado you use? - Our next project...
I've been running dual boot for a while now, 2 os's, one each installed on an SSD with a 3rd 2TB Sata HDD for storage shared between them... however I haven't actually booted into windows since January.
I used to have a shared drive too. You can set up windows to be able to access linux partitions, but it was not worth the effort. Plus you always had to go through too many folders in Windows to find your stuff. Big Grin - Our next project...
I just found it easier to have separate hdd's, absolute worse case scenario, I can forgo grub altogether install each os, one at a time, then switch from the bios boot
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