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the dismantling of net neurality -any thoughts?
(June 5th, 2018 at 8:38 AM)VSS Wrote: [Image: mr-burns-evil-laugh-smiley-emoticon.gif]

I seem to be seeing both images fine?
OT: A thread containing bad ISP Customer Service experiences would be hilarious imo. Being only 20, and living alone for only around 2 years I haven't had much contact with them but when I lived back at my mums she had countless amounts of problems. I dread the day I have a problem Finna
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i do recall few years ago i posted my gripes on blogspot...but i dont remember the url nor the password for acct. plus noone read my blog.
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oh hey the images are working for me now? interesting.
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OMG! just 2 more days till doomsday...im hoping somehow, they will hold off the deadline until sometime in august? its a waiting game.
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Here's some good news:

Net Neutrality's Sunset Prompts Sling TV's Individual Channel Offerings

I'm a fan. I use Sling and would love to be able to drop half of the channels I don't use. Would save me money.
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(June 3rd, 2018 at 5:21 PM)Guardian Wrote: This wasn't a problem before Bet Neutrality laws were enacted, and I don't expect to see it a big issue when they remain dead. From a business perspective, it's suicide to enact those restrictions without already illegal collusion between competitors. People will flock to other competitors, and new ones may pop up to compete.

I'm a fan of letting the free market works. It does, as long as customers realize they have the choice to vote with their wallet.

This is laughably wrong. In so many markets there's literally only one option. Charter is the only option in my hometown. These big ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and AT&T make agreements to not encroach on another's turf.
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a friend of mine has seen a small fluctuation where comcast has dropped their HD programming from within their app...and is charging people to continue watching .. and it can only get worse as the months progress...they should know, if they start rolling out tolitarian restrictions, they will see a mass exodus of customers.. iam eying towards dishtv in near future
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(July 12th, 2018 at 4:56 AM)Thomas Wrote: This is laughably wrong. In so many markets there's literally only one option. Charter is the only option in my hometown. These big ISPs like Verizon, Comcast, Charter, and AT&T make agreements to not encroach on another's turf.

Sure, and that situation was the same when net neutrality was in effect.

All I see is people saying it's doomsday, but I've yet to see anything ACTUALLY happen from it.
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so far here in california...i dont see comcast implementing restrictions...well almost, the HD programming viewed on their android app is now pay per view. hoping by time NN gets here, congress will be able to restore it. pray for me
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so it's the end of autumn now, it's been 5 months since net neutrality was dismantled.

other than implementing a 1TB cap more harshly with limited options as far as raising it... and less stable connection on occasion (might be my router? maybe?)

I've not seen too many ill effects yet.

then again I don't do anything worth attacking me over lol.
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Cable providers seem much less affected than cell service providers these days. There is a lot of proof from independent studies that has shown that various websites (including YouTube, NetFlix, and Amazon streaming services, among a few other similar services) have their data throttled pretty significantly. T-Mobile (my provider) is pretty open about it. It seems to be more of a network management system for handling fundamentally high-bandwidth streaming services than it is anything else.

LTE towers can actually only handle about 0.5 gbps/sector in many cases, and one sector may cover a few thousand people or more. Although obviously the vast majority of these people are not using data in any significant amount at any given point in time, if you had even a dozen people streaming netflix at full-quality (say, 10mbps), it would probably put enough strain on the tower to cause a noticeable drop in speeds for everyone else...

Until 5G comes around, I think things will probably stay that way. Hopefully cable doesn't feel justified to jump on that bandwagon. They definitely have significantly higher bandwidth than a cell tower does. Tongue

(Also, I think T-Mobile pretty much blows the competition out of the water in terms of their speeds, at least in many areas. I get 60-70mbps pretty regularly. AT&T and Sprint couldn't even get close. Finna)
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