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Chatcave - a minor rant
In case you didn't know, we host chat rooms as well. In fact, we host over 600 of them! (see chatcave.me) The service has fared much better than initially anticipated. Believe it or not, though it isn't exactly profitable, it does pay for itself with fairly minimal ads, unlike its competitors. Finna

I barely check on the support forums over there anymore and the spam has grown to unspeakable levels. Like, horrible. 110K posts and it's overloading the server. So much spam that I am currently SSHing into the server, going straight into the database, and via a command prompt, deleting these posts 1000 posts at a time. And even that is overloading the server. 

Would it be bothersome if we added a board over here on MS for chatcave support and posted everything chatcave related here instead?  It wouldn't be much of a liability being that those forums aren't really all that active, but it would sure solve the spam problem, and would free up the server for the actual chat rooms.
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Personally, I think it's a great idea. Managing spam in one place is better than two, especially when the 2nd is not frequently used. I would allow the service to have faster response times to support issues as well.

Secondary bonus for MS would be the increased exposure and potential for some extra members.
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I'm in the process of migrating it over as we speak. My only real concern is that even though it isn't all that active, I don't want it to start cluttering up stuff around here. But for better or for worse, I suppose Chatcave is going to be under the umbrella of Makestation going forward. Maintaining two forums and two installations of MyBB can be a bit of a pain. Finna

I know nothing about running any sort of support forum whatsoever, so hopefully I'm going about it the right way. I've definitely had some major frustrations over at the chatcave forum, namely getting PMed and spammed by people who haven't bothered to read the documentation. I'm hoping not to drag too much of that over here. Tongue

What do you think of the new section that is in the works?
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Together, we can make something awesome...
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looks great
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You're doing great. No matter what, there will always be people that don't read basic documentation, FAQs, or even major announcements. Just plan for that and you'll be fine.

IB has a template for some, like people asking a question that's already addressed in the FAQs, etc.
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