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Welcome to the history of Makestation. This "history" is not meant to represent the history of Makestation in a completely accurate way, rather as a satire of the real history by spicing it up to look like real history. References to OTL history are marked with a "pseudo-superscript", or something like below:
Quote:The area now known as Makestation(^1)
So here we go, with...
The area now known as Makestation(^1) was previously inhabited by pagan Creatic(^2) tribes. However, in Spring 1248, King Blake of Simmania(^3), with an entire demesne's worth of an army, began the 'Crusade of Creatia(^4)' and pushed hard into this area, eventually conquering the entire coast after only a mere month. Following this successful expedition, he proclaimed himself 'Grand Duke of Makestation(^5)'. In the beginning, Makestation was very centralized for a feudal realm, being under the jurisdiction of one ruler and under one title. However, in July, the burden of ruling the pagans was simply too much for the Grand Duke, so he decided to grant the title 'Grand Duke of Makestation' to Link, a powerful noble of Simmania.

References to OTL history:
1: OTL Sweden
2: OTL Finns
3: OTL King of Simmania
4: OTL Second Swedish Crusade
5: Grand Duke of Finland

References to actual Makestation history (Incomplete ATM):
Link, in reality a Moderator, was given this status in early July, after a camping trip of Blake's. This is represented here by simply just giving him the title Grand Duke.

Maps coming soon!
LOL, this is hilarious.

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The Official History of Makestation - Part One - Rewrite

Rewrite already?!?!?!?!?!!?

        1613 saw the first Simmanian expedition to North America. A crew of approximately six hundred men, aboard two ships, set sail from the port of Chandler. Eventually, the small fleet reached the Delaware Peninsula, and after two years of harsh winters, proclaimed the Town of New Chandler, inside the Colony of Makestation.

        The colony would prove to be a success, as people from all over Simmania would come here looking for a new life. This growth was not exclusive to Simmanians, however; In the course of five years, over 4400 people from around Europe would settle in this peasant haven. The colonists soon adopted their own adjective, naming themselves the 'Creators'

There you have it, guys. A rewrite of this "history" that actually makes sense Tongue. Comment away, I cherish your lovely comments Tongue.
We haven't stolen Simmanians. It's only a dual citizenship. Tongue
Nah, the point was that Simmania colonized the place. No dual citizenship for colonists, so I decided to just make it populated with less fortunate Simmanians Tongue
Haha, nice Tongue
Anyways, I'm thinking about doing an update every M-W-F. So tomorrow and update, then you'll have to wait another day Tongue
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Hmm, interesting perspective on things Tongue
(September 9th, 2013 at 2:13 AM)cheesesc4 Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm, interesting perspective on things Tongue

Haha, awesome history. Love the satire in it! +rep for sure. Big Grin
Part Two - The Rest of Europe

While I wait for important events to happen, I guess I will tell you guys about the rest of Europe...

Scandinavia is currently divided between Simmania (Sweden) and Simopsis (Denmark). In addition to this, Simopsis is the leader of a personal union with Cheesia (Norway), often just called Simopsis-Cheesia.

Currently, the Holy Roman Empire is dominated by the Archduchy of Aconia (Austria).

As of now, Gaul is divided between Simtropolis (France) and SimPeg (Brittany)

SC4D (Spain) and Portugal are currently unified under the Iberian Union.

These are all references to SC4 sites, if you were confused Tongue
I'm sure people who didn't come from SM are going to be confused by that. Tongue Just saying. Wink

Anyway, nice update! Interesting prospective on things. Tongue
(September 9th, 2013 at 10:57 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure people who didn't come from SM are going to be confused by that. Tongue Just saying. Wink

Anyway, nice update! Interesting prospective on things. Tongue

Yeah, that's why I put that fine print at the bottom Tongue
This is great! Looking forward to part 3! Big Grin
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