Full Version: Tenor vs. Bass
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Lately it seems that pop music has been pushing more and more towards tenor domination territory as far as male singers are concerned. The majority of male artists today in the pop genre are tenors (or at least try to be), and those with lower voices are left for other genres more often than not. (Country, etc...)

I think it's interesting to see artists do something outside of the norm as far as that's concerned, but I must say, I much prefer the tenor side of things myself. What is your preference?
Well, Linkin Park's lead singer (I believe) is a tenor, so I guess I side with tenor Smile.
Haha you and your linkin park. Tongue

I prefer tenor voices as well, although there are quite a few strong baritone voices I like as well.
Yeah Smile I know. It's a sad addiction.

I like both, actually.