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Rate your internet service provider

New state, new house, new speeds!

(image link:
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Not bad. 8mbps is good for an upload speed as well. Big Grin - Our next project...
I want Fios so bad. I can't believe they still don't have it here. I have Comcast and words can't describe how much I hate them. I used to not care what they did but ever since the first time they cut out the internet, I have really grown to detest them. The worst part is I swear both sides rub it in your face. I keep seeing Fios and Comcast ads everywhere. I'm not surprised that the DOJ lets them be a monopoly. Money talks you know.
I've heard that the company/organization/group/whatever that managed FiOS expansion has halted their work, so FiOS has only been maintaining their existing networks. I'd be interested in doing more research into that though. - Our next project...
I'd rate mine 2/5. It always goes down, and is usually quite slow.
I'd rate mine a 3/5. Randomly, it will stop providing me with internet and I'll be forced to wait however long just to get back on again.

My internet provider is Windstream, I believe. Smile
My ISP is comcast/Xfinity... but the alternative is qwest/century link, I'm screwed no matter who I go with so I picked the one that gave me the most bandwidth for the lowest price point... can't wait until the muni-fiber is done.

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