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Mobile phone brand

I have the Iphone 5. Tongue
[Image: 2z4zes7.jpg]
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Xolo Q800X-Edition.

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Currently using a cheap generic android... however this is the one I want.

[Image: neo900.jpg]

the Neo900
it's an open source re-invented Nokia N900
with hackable open source hardware and full specs and schematics for making your own stuff on top of it.

then again there's another alternative now

[Image: tytelli-500x375.jpeg]
I could always craft one!
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Looks old school! Tongue
[Image: makestation_submatrix31_2.png]
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(May 19th, 2017 at 9:37 AM)SpookyZalost Wrote: [Image: neo900.jpg]

I had a phone like this and it remains my all-time favorite. Sadly I got caught in the rain and it didn't survive the ordeal.

I have an iPhone 6 now, but only because it was a cheap upgrade option from my Windows Phone that had died.

Yes, Windows Phone.Absolute garbage.
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yes apparently there are several DIY options these days, it's great honestly, wish there were more people who were willing to go that extra mile rather than buy stuff to throw away a year or two later.
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