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I've Never Used Wi-Fi

I'm sure this is a stupid question, but, is it good?
I have the option of staying with a landline or switching to Hotspot.
I've only used land lines, and I'm wondering if I'll have no problems playing Multiplayer Minecraft or downloading stuff like steam games.
Thank you everyone who answers my stupid question. Smile
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it's good in the sense that you can do basic stuff like watch videos, check websites, and read/receive email/chat from it.
but it's usually a data limit (this is for hot spots, because hot spots do not = wifi.)
it's bad because data limits, inconsistent speeds, and high ping due to long range radio frequencies.
it's getting better but I wouldn't say Mobile Data is good for real time gaming like minecraft unless you are in an urban center with really really good cell coverage.
it's also good if you are in an area where DSL or dial up are the only options because usually Mobile data is a bit faster comparatively.
note: if you go over that data limit your data get's throttled and stuff get's expensive fast, even with "unlimited data" note, at AT&T unlimited data for one person costs around $80 with a hotspot, and you need a cell plan to go with it, with a sim card for the hot spot and the phone.
This is information I've gathered by helping my friend with her Verizon mobile hotspot and it's various issues... note: I installed a custom built cell relay and amplifier since the tower has a hill in the way of her apt.

if we're talking wifi in general.
wifi AC on an AC router connected to a land line is great, I can attest to that being insanely good, but still not superior to ethernet.
especially the netgear nighthawk routers, I get full wifi signal on the opposite side of my house where my old wireless N router only got 2 at best.
Note 5ghz vs 2.5ghz, 5ghz has better signal penetration though walls and stuff.
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Thank you. That's informative. I was leaning toward staying with the landline but I wanted to learn more about the wi-fi and hotspot first.
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Sure, I'm more than happy to answer tech questions since tinkering with tech and testing it's abilities is sort of my hobby lol.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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